Lifespan Integration

I am trained in Level 3 Lifespan Integration Therapy. Lifespan Integration is described by Peggy Pace (its creator), as a gentle body-based therapy that connects ego states through time and allows for facilitation of rapid healing. I have been using LI in my work with clients’ since 2009. While LI’s inception (2002) was more so trauma work related, its protocols have consistently expanded over the years to be effective in working any issues that may be brought into the therapeutic arena.

An LI session consists of a client being witness to a timeline of cues (created prior to session). As the therapist reads the cues the client will imagine, sense or feel the images/memories the cues evoke (cues are similar to watching a “movie clip” of your life). As the client and perhaps a specific ego state witness the “movie” integration, resolve and repatterning on a neural level are also being facilitated. LI allows for patterns of being/behaving, beliefs, perceptions, etc. to be reorganized, restructured and new neural pathways to develop. Clients’ who utilize Lifespan Integration find that they are able to get “unstuck” from past trauma, events, beliefs, etc. that hinder them in their present life; embracing new/better ways of being/behaving. LI is witness to the body being able to heal itself. To find out more about Lifespan Integration please visit: