I see adults from the age range of 18 years old and above. My work with individual adults addresses a range of emotional and behavioral issues including but not limited to the following:

Anxiety                          OCD Tendencies

Depression                     Life Transitions

PTSD/Trauma                Life Coaching

Grief                              Stress related issues

Mood Disorders            Codependency

Your first session with me will last 1 to 1 and ½ hours. This is the intake session and will consist mostly of me asking you questions about current life circumstances/life style as well as getting your history information. During this session I will also discuss how I work with clients and talk about what you would like to get out of therapy. We will also begin to talk about a plan of treatment. You are invited to ask any questions and state any concerns you may have about therapy or my work with clients.

In following sessions, we will have specifics agreed upon from the session before in how we are going to proceed (modalities/techniques, specific issues addressed). It is common for me to give homework that may consist of writing activities, journaling, reading, practicing meditation/mindfulness, etc. At any time during our work together if you ever feel you don’t understand the direction therapy is going or question the validity of any techniques/modalities I suggest, please feel free to bring that up. I can promise you I will not be offended and I want to know if things aren’t working so we can talk about how to change that. My hope for you is that you leave my practice having discovered a new sense of self, and that you found even though opening up to the process of therapy can be difficult that it was well worth the discovery of connecting with your own innate ability to help and heal yourself. I believe we all have this ability, and once discovered it is something you will find is always accessible to you.