I am a certified clinical hypnotherapist. I utilize hypnosis/hypnotherapy in my practice as an adjunct to psychotherapy as well as with more specific focus. Some of the issues I have used hypnosis in my practice for are: anxiety, phobias, OCD tendencies, pain and relaxation. Everyone experiences hypnosis differently and there is no “fixed” way it to experience it. Hypnosis does not allow for the hypnotherapist to have “control” over a person or make them do anything they are not open to. In fact, if a person is not in a place of being open to making changes, etc. hypnosis will likely not be very helpful. However, for those who are open to suggestions of possibilities on ways to change what isn’t working for or hindering them, hypnosis can be a wonderful and often immediate way of assisting with those changes.

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness or trance state. This state allows one to access their inner knowing of how to best help themselves. I utilize Solution Focused Hypnosis. It is a permissive type of hypnosis that allows one to be exactly as they are without having to try to make anything happen or stop anything from happening. This relieves the stress of “trying” to relax or “let go of” thoughts. When working from a solution focused framework the client is viewed as the “expert” on issues brought into therapy as well as solutions that will work to address those issues; it is just access to available possibilities that is needed. Solution Focused Hypnosis can be viewed as a light guiding and opening up the way to the “possibilities” that are available. Feel free to contact me with any questions about hypnosis or if you are wondering if it is something that could be used with what you are experiencing.