My work with couples has transitioned to being mostly provided via online (Skype). That being said, there are times when in-office couples work is preferred to Skype. My couples’ work is not covered by insurance. I normally work with couples using a fair amount of Gottman couple strategies and usually request they get the “Seven Principle’s of Making Marriage Work” by John and Julie Gottman, along with the accompanying workbook. I may suggest couples take the Gottman couples assessment online, which is then accessed by me via the Gottman institute. This can be very helpful for my couples’ and myself in addressing “specific” areas of difficulties within the relationship in a quicker and more detailed manner.

Areas of specialty for myself in couples’ work include: premarital, infidelity, trust issues, separation/divorce. I have found over time, through my work with couples, that it can often serve the couple relationship well and resolve issues on a deeper/quicker level for each person to also seek individual therapy. When this is the case, the frequency of couple sessions can often be decreased to one or two times a month. I see couples that are able to resolve their issues and move on in their relationship in a more fulfilling manner (even after infidelity). I also see couples that decide to end their relationship and assist them in facilitating that transition with mutual respect and compassionate decoupling. Whether couples come to see me and are able to work through issues to remain together or decide to separate, it is important to remember that each and every person deserves to live their best life.