Biofield Tuning

I am a Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner. Biofield Tuning is a sound therapy founded, developed and researched by Eileen Day McKusick. The tools used for Biofield Tuning are tuning forks (weighted and unweighted). Biofield tuning is a physics-based approach that identifies dissonance within the Biofield (electric magnetic field) of the body to influence a person’s body/mind/emotional well-being. Using the principle of en-trainment the tuning forks create coherence/resonance, which in turn promotes balance, realignment and well-being. The tuning forks are used in the field surrounding the body as well as specific points on the body. Biofield Tuning can also be performed distantly and utilizes many different protocols. You are invited to view the resources below to access additional information.

Biofield Tuning book: Tuning the Human Biofield, by Eileen Day McKusick:

Biofield Tuning website:

Biofield Tuning Session Rates:

60-minute session (in person and distance) – $85

90-minute session (in person and distance) – $120

3 session introductory discounted pkg. (6o minutes each session in-person or distance) – $225

Biofield Tuning is a separate service and is not covered by insurance or be given a receipt for services to submit to insurance.